Running a B&B

Running a B&B Here's To Your Profitable
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Running a B&B

A lot of work goes into running a B&B. More bed and breakfasts exist than we may really realize. The majority of these tend to be operated by a couple after the kids have left home. Some are full time establishments that cater to the tourist crowd. They make most of their money off of vacationers needing a nice place to stay.

Running a B&B doesn’t have to be a full time venture though. Some people rent the spare rooms in their home to college and university students needing a place to stay or the newcomer to town who does not yet have a place to live.

There is a bit of a catch concerning running a B&B. Many hotels are now labelling themselves that way to give a more homey and comfortable image. This is a misconception. When people are looking for a bed and breakfast to stay in they are generally looking for a temporary home. You will have to embody this atmosphere if you wish to have true success running a B&B.

If you plan to go full time you had better be prepared to spend most of your waking hours involved in the operation for the first year or two. Keeping your home clean, planning and preparing the menu choices and staff management are just a few of the things that will keep you going. However, when you meet the people who want to stay in your house it will be all worth it. You will never find yourself alone for long, especially in the tourist seasons. Running a B&B is hard work yet it can be so rewarding for the owners.

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