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Bed and Breakfast Training

The world of business is a tricky place. When they say itís ďdog eat dogĒ world, they arenít kidding. If you are new to the B&B industry then some kind of bed and breakfast training is recommended. There are many different aspects to focus on. Some post secondary education can provide you with the essential business and marketing knowledge required. These courses can often be accessed online which makes it easier to attend.

There are also a variety of workshops and programs designed specifically for bed and breakfast training. Rather than general business knowledge, you will learn more about your target industry. An innkeeper must know how to choose their target demographic and what it takes to please them. A gentle push in the right direction by seasoned professionals can give you a great starting advantage.

Staff may need some basic bed and breakfast training as well. If your property has serving staff of any kind they may not have B&B experience. Bed and breakfasts are intimate and friendly environments. It takes the right kind of people to convey that impression. They say that you are only as strong as your weakest link and that applies to business practises too. Bed and breakfast training can benefit your business and add to your success. Knowledge is a tool and having it can make all the difference in the world.

Here is a horrific fact. Most B&B's can't be sold!
The majority of B&B's simply don't generate enough revenue to make them viable businesses.

The good new is that there is a small group of owner/operators who have busy, profitable operations and are becoming wealthy.

Unfortunately, many new B&B owners simply don't have the insider knowledge to succeed in today's environment. Too many hard working individuals are losing their money, and their dreams, due to a lack of specific information.

If you are thinking about opening your own B&B, or struggling to make your current place profitable, please take our quiz to see if your "industry knowledge" is up to date.

Most of the current Bed and Breakfast training is based on an industry that existed 20+ years ago. Today's marketplace is much different. This is the insider information that the wealthy minority use everyday to improve their operations. Do you know whether you are seeing today's B&B big picture, or your knowledge is still based on an industry that existed in the 1960's, 70's or 80's??
Test yourself with our B&B industry quiz (click here)!

One particular struggling B&B couple caused us to write down this information. We knew there was just one or two things we could have told those rookie owners that would have made a difference. Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance. To read more about that story, click here

The Farnhams (Robert and Patricia)
(authors of "BedandBreakfastProfits)
(We just LOVE B&B's)

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Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Successful,
Profitable B&B Owner/Operator!

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Good morning
My wife and I read your ebook last night. Straight through. We stayed up very late discussing different ideas. We are very excited for our future now. You should charge much more. Raise your price so our future competition doesn't find out what your teaching. Please keep in touch
God bless you both

Jim and Anne Mc.

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