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Bed & Breakfast Market

The bed & breakfast market is extremely diverse. Changes in niche and guest requirements have created more differences than ever before. Maintain a clear focus of your target market as you plan your bed and breakfast. It’s important that you can relate to the people that you’re trying to coax in the door. There was a time when B&B’s were a niche themselves. In past years the industry has grown. The bed & breakfast market varies by the people that are attracted to it. Because B&B guests have grown and changed, so must the industry.

Clientele that choose a bed and breakfast all share one thing in common. They seek the hospitality and atmosphere that the bed & breakfast market is known for. Food, theme and décor will all change from one business to another but they all must share that element of a personal experience. Another factor to consider is how times have changed for the environment. Businesses in all industries are under scrutiny for their environmental practises and B&B`s are included.

Details are important to consumers and with so much to choose from they can be as picky as they like. In the bed & breakfast market you will be up against heavy competition so consider details wisely. A basic detail like recycling can affect a potential guest’s decision to stay in your location. People spend money based on emotion just as much as price. It’s important to appeal to their emotional side in a niche like this. That is often the main component they are hoping to satisfy in a B&B stay. Know your customer and know what it is they seek in this market. An innkeeper is so much more than a business owner. If you know what people want from you then no one will be disappointed, including you.

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