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B&B Marketing

B&B marketing is an essential tactic for increasing your business. Any good innkeeper will have some kind of marketing plan. You can consult a professional for assistance or do it yourself, depending on your expertise. Opening a bed and breakfast is a difficult task. It’s not something you want to be rushing into without careful analysis. Even if you have already succeeded in opening your establishment there is no guarantee that it will be profitable over time.

If you have no idea where to begin with B&B marketing, you may want to consider taking some courses. Any local community college will have some business and marketing programs to choose from. Even if you have no desire to get a degree the most basic course can be enlightening. As an innkeeper you can’t target everyone so you must choose who it is you want to aim your services at. There will be plenty of competition as well so choose wisely and realistically.

Guests should be able to determine your B&B marketing concept upon stepping in the door. Your focus should be clear and to the point. Guests vary greatly and the “rifle vs. shotgun” approach is recommended. It’s more effective to hit your target with a single shot rather than firing all over and reaching no one. Value is so much more than money so it’s important to ensure customers feel that they received service that outweighs the cost. Products and services have a life cycle ending in decline. Your job as an innkeeper is to change to avoid decline while still reaching your target market. B&B marketing is limitless in choices. Determine what works best for your bed and breakfast.

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