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A successful bed and breakfast doesnít start and end upon opening. B&B advertising is required to promote your business. There are a number of ways you can do this. Itís most effective to utilize as many as possible. One form of B&B advertising is word of mouth. A satisfied customer will tell others about their good experience. This is often oe of the best ways of increasing clientele. It may sound like something you have little control of but that would be untrue. We all tell our friends about exceptionally poor or great service experiences. By providing the best service possible you can secure word of mouth advertising.

This is the information age. B&B advertising wouldnít be the same if you didnít have a website. That is one of the first things guests will look for. Some people prefer to see their choices before committing to anything. A website will allow you to describe your bed and breakfast and provide photos. You can even post positive comments left by previous customers. There are bed and breakfast guides available online. Clients search these guides when looking to book a place to stay. Listing your B&B in your local guide can make a great difference in driving traffic to your site.

The Yellow pages have been a major source of advertising for years. Itís a good idea to list your business in all resources available to you. Many business owners are now decaling their vehicles with company information. This is beneficial in reaching random people as you go about your day. B&B advertising is a continuous task. Itís also one that can make all the difference in achieving your B&B goals.

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